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Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project is designed and being implemented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation water distribution in the three area water boards including Nara Canal Area Water Board, Left Bank Canal Area Water Board and Ghotki Canal Area Water Board.
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Sindh Agricultural Growth Project (SAGP)
Sindh Barrages Improvement Project (SBIP)
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Sindh Water Sector Improvement Project Phase I

Sindh Water Sector Improvement Phase-I Project (WSIP) is under implementation with financial assistance from the World Bank. The objective of the project is to enhance long-term sustainability of irrigation system through participatory irrigation management; modernization of irrigation & drainage of system in a systematic way and to deal with floods & drainage issues of Province, that would lead to increase agricultural production, employment &incomes over 1.8 million ha or more than 30% of irrigated area in Sindh.

The Project is mixture of reforms and physical works activities includes civil works for rehabilitation and improvement of irrigation & drainage network, in three Area Water Boards; institutional strengthening and community development dealing with the sector, detailed diagnostic studies through professional team of consultants to modernize the irrigation system to meet the future requirements and to address the floods and drainage issues of province.

Sindh Irrigation & Drainage Authority (SIDA) is the lead implementing agency with support of AWBs whereas Planning & Development Department is involved for overall project management and monitoring through Project Coordination and Monitoring Unit (PCMU) assisted by group of consultants including FAO (UN-Agency) with involvement of Transparency International Pakistan (TIP).

The project implementation started with initial cost of US$ 175 million including financial assistance of US$ 150 million from the World Bank under ID Credit 43580-Pak. The project has now been revised and approved in 2015 with additional financing of US$ 138 million from World Bank under new Credit 55560-Pak for completion of all project planned activities up to 31st December, 2018.

The activities/works awarded under the original project credit have successfully been completed with the satisfaction of all the project partners including farmer’s community and declared as satisfactory project by the World Bank.

Under the revised project, about 90% of additional funds of World Bank have been earmarked for civil works mainly for rehabilitation & improvement of three main canals of Mithrao Canal, Ghotki Feeder and Fulleli Canal and remaining 10% have been allocated for other activities including support to SIDA, AWBs & FOs and project monitoring, management & supervision. The Civil Works Contracts for Rehabilitation and Improvement of Fulleli Canal Rs. 2859 million, Ghotki Feeder Canal Rs. 2989 million and Mithrao Canal Rs. 3579 million have been awarded and works are in progress under these ICB Contracts.


Chairman P&D Board
Sindh province is highly dependent on its Indus Water Share which often becomes insufficient for its agricultural, municipal, industrial, environmental and other requirements
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